Monday, 16 November 2009

Uncover new opportunities with your feedback questionnaires

As well as identifying how satisfied your clients are with the services you offer, your client feedback questionnaires are a great way to find new opportunies within your clients. Here are just a few ideas for the types of questions you might like to consider…

Yes/No Questions

Yes/No questions are great for identifying new opportunities, consider asking questions to gauge interest in additional services you offer or even find out what additional services your clients would like from you…

Do you know of anyone who would benefit from our services? If you are happy to refer them to us, please provide their contact details.
Would you like to receive our regular company newsletters?
May we use any additional comments you make as a testimonial?
Would you be interested in finding out more about our service?
Do you have any further comments or suggestions that may help us to further improve our services to you? If yes please provide details.
Are there other services we should be offering? If yes, please provide details

Strongly Agree/Strongly Disagree Questions

These questions are scoreable and so great for gauging how your clients value your service…

The staff treated me with courtesy, attention and care at all times
I am happy to recommend ABC Financial Services to my friends, family and colleagues
I was kept up to date with the progress of my application/financial plan
Any queries I have are answered promptly and to my satisfaction

Very Good to Very Poor Questions

These questions can provide a straight forward view of quality…

The quality of the communications I receive from ABC Financial are….
The information available to me on the ABC Financial Services website is…

Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied Questions

Use these question types to understand client overall satisfaction or ask specific questions on elements of your service proposition…

How satisfied were you with the overall level of service provided by…
How satisfied are you with the frequency of contact you receive from us?
How satisfied were you with our approach to client care?

Client feedback questionnaires are a great way not only to monitor performance and build client loyalty but also provide valuable insight on which to base new marketing campaigns or create new leads.

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