Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chewing the fat and putting the world to rights…

It’s been another hectic day at FinQS and another hectic day for the rest of the world; a world whose media today has endlessly reported the impending global pandemic, the continuing economic downturn, the forecast of yet more rain….

Meanwhile back in the real world at the Malt Shovel....a family of dad, son and daughter sat battling over a Sudoku at the bar, deep in concentration not a word was uttered between them save for the occasional murmur as another number was pencilled into a box; six high flyers loudly (too loudly) discussed the latest production Aston Martin which is apparently ‘pretty awesome looking’; a couple of farmers sat in contented silence over pints of Guinness; the pub Springer Spaniel stopped for a quick scratch behind the ears as he wandered through the bar; I sipped my Merlot and tried not to pick up the Blackberry for the tenth time and then Superman ran past me brandishing a bag of Cheese & Onion crisps…now that got your attention didn’t it?

Well, OK so Superman was seven years old and his real name was Ewan, his cloak was a little too big for him and his mum was shouting after him to stay away from the fruit machine. I’m betting that you recognise the scene…like your local, my local is a haven for little Britain, where the economy doesn’t matter, the rain makes it cosy and the pandemic can’t reach us.…especially when Superman is in residence….now what was it I was saying about a hectic day?


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